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Press and Reviews

Scapino! at the Cottage Theater

"Jon Deline (Playing Ottavio) is the perfect complient to the performance of (Tony) Rust. Ottavio is a good-hearted character who posessed neither the spine nor the wit to stand up to his father, making him a rediculously wild character also, Deline's perfomance, so full of energy and wild gestures, reflects any great perfomance by the late Chris Farley.

A Comedy of Errors with Marin Shakespeare.
" Deline is a born clown, and not just because he spends the whole show sporting a red rubber nose. A superbly graceful big guy (think young John Goodman), his comedy timing and unerring sense of just how far to mug and milk are delicious fun."
"Fortunately, the leads are strong. Each pair of twins is played by a single actor, their identicalness extending even to their clothing... Jon Deline is hysterical as Dromio, especially in a running gag about providing the sound effects for his master slapping him around."

"The greatest success of the production is a very  funny turn by Jon Deline as Dromio, performing in the style of a rodeo clown. Deline has an impressive background in clowning... and he knows how to bring the funny. His performance alone makes this comedy worth seeing."

Oskar and the Last Straw

"Laughter is one the most important things in dealing with stress," states Deline (Oskar). "It helps us talk about things we wouldn't otherwise."

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